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The BIGGEST obstacle preventing 90% of men from getting anywhere with women. This one issue turns even confident, socially successful men into chumps suddenly without warning, like a flamethrower vaporizing an ice cube.

It's EXCESSIVE EXPECTATION. And this isn't something your consciously go through, but it exists covertly in the minds of many men today. It's the expectation that all women are somehow pure or superior or innocent. It's the expectation that every pretty smile has nothing to hide, that a soft face could never possibly mask a dark past or a shallow interior. Its the expectation that women operate like the goddesses of Greek mythology, bestowing favors only on those men who make a huge sacrificial offering, be it wealth, food, fancy gifts, or worst of all, their own masculinity and self-respect.

Imagine the average guy. He might be you! Or he might be nothing like you. But he's a typical sap who assumes that women have to be wined and dined, spoiled and pampered like a princess, to even consider giving you a chance at their forbidden fruits. His mother never told him about sex. Why should she? It takes a man to teach a man. She simply said "be nice to women, be exceedingly careful not to offend them, buy girls dinner and gifts to show them you care, and you'll find that special someone". The father was not around or often a frustrated broken sexual wreck himself.

And the boy fell for this wishful fantasy, throughout every painful high-school and college rejection. Adulthood spins out of control. Every woman he meets, he puts on a pedestal. And every woman in turn walks all over him. He gets thousands of rejections, abusive remarks, creeped-out stares, drinks thrown in his face, debts from expensive restaurant tabs and jewelry stores, and sooner or later, a slew of "lets just be friends" excuses.

As we see, the golden idol of his dreams did nothing in exchange for his sacrifices. But then again, didn't we all see that coming, deep down in our hearts? If you treat someone as your master or some sort of deity deserving of offerings even for the "privilege" of conversation, what are you besides a slave and a masochist? He could not just let women be women, with all their flaws - and thus he ceased to be a man.

Let's call a spade a spade. A woman is a woman.
She's not a grandiose
expectation, not something supernatural, and not anything you have to bankrupt and humiliate yourself to get.

Let's face it, she's not really special because of her looks. She's only special to you in that moment because she's giving attention to YOU. You then feel like you have something to lose (humph, as if a little attention is going to do anything for your johnson...) You had nothing to lose. You never had her. She talks to guys all the time. Failure is NOT rejection. Failure is repeatedly setting yourself up for disappointment instead of fun. Failure is demanding a guaranteed particular result from mere mortals. Failure is setting women up on a high pedestal they never wanted to stand on, expecting in exchange something they had never promised or guaranteed. Real women don't operate like the ones in hollywood movies. Flowers and needy begging don't turn a loser into a stud - they get you rejected by good women, and manipulated by bad ones.

But you are DELUDING yourself if you think that the disease of Excessive Expectations is limited only to putting women on a pedestal. Its vile roots go much further down into the frustrated male psyche.

You are a victim of this delusion if you expect too much from a situation too. Women are only so much of the equation - going into a seduction situation, most men put a huge amount of value on the outcome - it can make or break their day. Situations, like women, are abundant. You simply need to hone your skills for finding and opening them.

The worst kind of loser in the game is the man who, in his mind, requires that every interaction with women go flawlessly for him to be happy. He thus tenses up, starts thinking too hard about what to say and how to respond, comes off awkward, and WASTES all of those interactions. Desperation is the result of over-expectation, and of a need to fulfill those expectations.

Contrast this with the Casanova, who expects nothing from women in the short term. He knows they are fickle and make decisions based on emotions, not logic. Their survival "logic" is entirely dependent on emotional stimuli - this is actually how she sorts out who is a suitable mate.

A man's self-assuredness and LACK of dependence on that particular woman for his own happiness, combined with a boldly playful approach to life itself, takes down all her barriers without a fight. He knows she is only but a woman - with emotional and erotic needs that always dwarf her material ones. The art of seduction is NOT, as many "pickup artists" wrongly assume, a matter of completely satisfying those needs and automatically getting a happy ending. Wrong, wrong, wrong! It's actually the art of merely stroking those needs, and then NOT fully satisfying them - but rather giving her a little taste of what MAY be to come, here and there, then pulling back, then unexpectedly turning up the heat and the hormones once more. Instant gratification cheapens and dulls the deal. Pushing and pulling back repeatedly, sweetens it.

Of course, none of this can work unless you discard the whole notion of "expectations". You don't "expect" to get laid tonight with that one girl. You KNOW you will get laid - either with her or with someone better, if not tonight then the next night, either way it's inevitable. You don't need her, she needs you. Not your money, not your every-split-second attention, and definitely not your submission! She simply needs you, the man within, the presence devoid of fear or apprehension, who charms with his words, his interest in what lies beyond the mundane and the visible sides of her, and melts her with his arousing touch - a touch that knows the power of patience and suspense, but lacks nervousness entirely - or rather she needs a man like that. Might as well be you.

Gone are the days when you were extra nice to every girl you liked. Now it's time to get real, and not force them into stupid expectations and "material offerings for intimacy" deals that they never wanted to be a part of. Pussy is free, and women don't want that pedestal. The pedestal makes things harder for you anyway. A Casanova always leads, never grovels. And a woman will surrender to - nay, chase after - a man who leads the seduction.

You DO know she wants you to take the lead, right Loverboy?

Casanova maxim:

Women are just women. Just that. Not angels or goddesses or any sort of otherworldly being. One is not better than all the others. Nor do any of them deserve showers of gifts and expensive dinners, or needy and boring "nice guy" supplication. Indeed they despise all your displays of "caring" - they really want your testosterone and your boldness, your touch and your teasing, your suggestiveness and your sexuality. Even if you doubt that they want you personally, they are always screening you for it.

Women are only women, not some higher power. Pleasurable and fun they can indeed be, but they still have DNA, they're made from the same elements and chemicals as us. They have the same iron in their blood, the same kidneys and livers and hearts that can be just as easily transplanted in us as organs from male donors, should we ever need new ones. Women are no less lusty than men are. They are no more "pure", no more "moral", and no more averse to fucking their brains out than you are. They're not from a different planet, nor made of different stuff. They eat, piss, and shit just like you, they have plenty of their own insecurities, and to top it all off they also bleed in their panties every month and have plenty of cramps to look forward to. They lose patience with nice guys and chase bold and unconventional bad boys - or rather, chase their masculinity itself. And ask yourself, does true masculinity ever feel any need to set up an implacable goddess , elven princess, or otherworldly magical faerie in place of the flesh-and blood female who's standing in front of you ready to be seduced and swived?

I didn't think so either.

Expect nothing from them. Do not fight their resistance. Welcome them into your reality as if they're already sold on it. Never justify yourself or ask permission. Never get overly "logical" or throw them off the emotion train which allows their sexual minds to go wild. Act as if they already know what's going to happen and they're willing participants in it, and resistance melts away. Act as if, and thus it shall become.
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